Fabrics & Care


  • OLI & KUBO uses only 100% cotton on all our styles in Casa Tropicana collection. Cotton is an environmentally friendly fabric that’s extremely durable, breathable and hypoallergenic. We do believe however that organic cotton is the way of the future and currently using organic cotton in all our T-shirts.

  • Our T-shirts use Certified Organic Cotton, which has a notably lower carbon footprint, using less fuel, water and energy to produce. Certified Organic farming is safer for workers on cotton plantations, avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals. Certified Organic Cotton promotes a sustainable supply chain.
  • This is certified by GOTS (please visit http://global-standard.org for more information about certification from GOTS)

  • Naturally dried fabrics can takes few days or weeks. This depends on the weather conditions and during rainy season might take longer, anywhere between one or two weeks.


  • The natural dyed T-shirts can be washed in both cold and warm water; usually it is suggested for natural dyed products to wash in cold water, but from our experience warm water does not make a difference.
  • All Our cotton dresses we recommend to hand wash in warm water and dry naturally laying flat or drying them on a wooden hanger. At Oli & Kubo we favour steaming them to keep the textures and also keeping all those ruffles lovely and fresh.
  • Please note all our cottons are hand dyed and sometimes there may be a slight variations of fabric batches colour. This is what makes product unique and it is the beauty of hand dyed fabrics.