The TRIBHUMI Collaboration

We have collaborated with Tribhumi in Bali to develop matching adult and child T-shirts. Our '100% OK' T-shirts are made from certified Organic cotton and dyed and printed using natural resources. Each T-shirt is hand dyed and manually screen printed directly onto the garment.


    Ketapang leaves, sourced from Indian almond trees, are used in the Natural Ink screen-printing process.


    Using certified Organic Cotton fabric, it is dyed naturally in Sappan Wood and Coconut Skin Dyes. Fabric is then dried by nature and this can take up to two weeks as weather conditions can be unpredictable, especially during rainy season in Bali. We feel this just ads that special touch behind the story of these sustainable T-shirts.

      For more information on 100% OK T-shirts and sustainability please visit our FAQs page.